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Date: 2019.08.24. Expire date: 2020.08.23
Category: Campaigns

Testimonials, vegan companion animals

We need to receive some testimonies about vegan companion animals for a vegan book that we are now finishing. If you write a testimony along with a picture of your companion animal and we print it in our book, we will send you a free copy of our book when it is published.  You can be in the picture if you want. We want to show how a vegan diet for dogs and cats made them healthy and happy. So the testimony should focus on the diet of your companion animals, how they like it, and how happy they are with it.

In addition to the book we will have a drawing for a soy milk maker after ten people submit a good article along with pictures for our book. You would have to give us permission to publish your entry. I would also give each of the first ten entries that we use $10 plus a free copy of our book. Here is information on the soy milk maker . In the USA it sells for $139.95. We can also provide it in the 220 volt version.

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Date: 2019.05.15. Expire date: 2020.05.14
Category: Other