Number of vegetarians in Portugal quadruplicated in 10 years

In September 2007, Centro Vegetariano, with AC Nielsen, conducted a survey to determine for the first time the number of vegetarians in Portugal.

Ten years later, a follow-up survey was conducted to determine the evolution. The results showed a considerable increase in the number of vegetarians, in the range of a 4-fold increase:

Sample and methodology

Participants were randomly selected and the sample was stratified. The data was obtained from 2,000 personal interviews with female and male participants between 15 and 65 years of age living in Portugal. The expected margin of error is +/- 2.2 % . The interviews took place in September 2017.

Questions about diet

Similar to the 2007 study, participants were asked to indicate the frequency with which they consumed:

The response options were "never", "occasionally", "frequently". Vegans were those who answered "never" to all four questions and vegetarians were those who answered "never" to the first two questions.


Centro Vegetariano wishes to thank everyone who made this study possible, specially Collaborators and Members of Centro Vegetariano and AC Nielsen.


Text & translation by Ana Leite, proof-read by Dr David Weseloh.

Insert date: 2017-10-01 Last update: 2017-10-02

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