Number of vegetarians in Portugal quadruplicated in 10 years

In September 2007, Centro Vegetariano, with AC Nielsen, conducted a survey to determine for the first time the number of vegetarians in Portugal.

Ten years later, a follow-up survey was conducted to determine the evolution. The results showed a considerable increase in the number of vegetarians, in the range of a 4-fold increase:

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What Do You Feed Your Companion Animal?

Most animal lovers give the best food that they can find for their companion animals.  That is understandable because of the love that they share with their companions.  They do not think about the number of animal lives that it takes to feed the pets for their entire life, if fed animal-based food.  As far as the best food that we can find, here is something that most people do not know.  Did you know that cheap so called pet food is really bad?  Commercial dog and cat food is usually made with the wasted animal parts cut from animals that were sold for human consumption.  That food is often poorly balanced with too much fat and not enough vitamins and other important nutrients.

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Confessions of a former hunter and fisherman

I grew up in a family that were hunters, fishers, and farmers.  By the time I was a teenager I had become a hunter and fisherman.  I thought nothing about blowing a hole in a rabbit, dove, quail, or any other animal.  Once I was going down a hill with my shotgun looking for something to kill.  I was watching out for rattlesnakes.  All of a sudden a rabbit ran out of the bush into my path.  It really scared me and I aimed at the rabbit and fired.  The poor little rabbit flew up in the air and his or her intestines were hanging out of their body.  The poor little rabbit was squealing in horrible pain.  I did not want to rabbit to suffer so with my boot I crushed his or her head.  This bothered me the rest of my life including now.  It was not enough then to cause me to become a vegan.

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Are you ready for a vegan world?

In 2000 I predicted that we would have a predominately vegan world by 2050.  Who would have guessed that in 15 years we would have made as much progress as we have.  Back then almost every vegan felt that we would never have a vegan world.  Those that did agree that we would have a vegan world felt that it would take centuries to get there.  With the progress that we made in 15 years and at an ever increasing rate, just think what the next 35 years will bring.

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Social media and Mailing Lists

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are public.  Something that you write on them will be public, or remain accessible for at least some people, forever.  On the other hand a mailing list such as the Vegan Mailing List is not public.  VEGAN Mailing List is private and does not allow hateful language.  It is a safe haven for all vegans and those interested in veganism.

You are invited to join this large virtual family. Join VML and participate in, or just observe, some interesting discussions.

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