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Dogs Can EAT Vegan Too!

Note: This article has recently been reviewed for accuracy by veterinarian Armaiti May, DVM. (
Her comments are included throughout the article in italics, and a summary from her is included at the end.

Dogs are honest about their feelings. Love is irresistible and dogs seem to easily feel someone's love for them. We've been fortunate to share life with a number of vegan dogs. Yes, Beautiful, Magic, Vegan, Miracles, Baba, Kisses, Valiant, etc. represent the pinnacle of their species and are at the helm of the 'vegan dog movement'.  We would like to share the knowledge attained from our experience caring for vegan dogs.

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Challenge To Meat Eaters

by the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom


Does anyone know a good reason to eat meat?

In celebration of World Vegetarian Day* on October 1st, The Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom is challenging meat eaters to suggest any good reasons to still be eating meat. The Society has drawn up a list of "50 reasons why it makes sense to be a vegetarian" and is setting a challenge to meat eaters to do the same.

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Additives: vegan or not?


The addition of substances to products to add flavor, texture or color or as preservatives is something that is of concern to ethical vegans. How do we know which of these strange or even familiar ingredients are animal-derived?

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