VEGAN 2050 - Mailing list, library, ads, and Q & A

VEGAN Mailing List, VEGAN Resource Library, VEGAN Ads and VEGAN Q & A were created to help those interested in vegan living and to provide information about the vegan lifestyle.

VEGAN stands for more than just a vegan diet! To us, VEGAN stands for:

V of Vision and Vegan We envision a predominantly vegan world by 2050. When this is accomplished, the animals and the environment will benefit.
E of Environment We wish to teach respect for the environment.
G of Global VEGAN has a global mission to work for harmony in our use of the planet, with respect for animals and the environment.
A of Awareness We wish to actively encourage awareness about cruelty to animals, destruction of the environment, and the negative effects of animal products on human health. Our greatest obstacle is the lack of awareness by the majority.
N of Nutrition We wish to promote a well balanced plant based diet, which has been proven to be the superior diet.
2050 Veganism is growing in almost every country. If we all contribute to the change, there is a strong possibility that we will have a predominantly vegan world by 2050.

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