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VEGAN Mailing List is a support for vegans in maintaining a vegan lifestyle, but it is also much more. It is a safe haven for ALL vegans. The atmosphere is friendly, polite, and respectful of the values of our fellow vegans. VEGAN Mailing List is not a place for "in-your-face" confrontations. We learn about the diversity of views within the vegan community. That diversity of background and philosophies is truly awesome. Part of what makes our discussions interesting is that those on one side of an issue will often be on a different side of another issue. It is intriguing and sometimes surprising.

As a whole, vegans are peaceful but steadfast in their principles, which can make for some very civil but opinionated discussions. In almost every discussion, opinions are challenged by at least someone. If the discussion does not serve to strengthen views, then it helps to change them. It reinforces some opinions and discovers error in others.

From the list's inception, we have always allowed off-topic discussions. VEGAN Mailing List was never strictly a vegan list; it has always been a general discussion list made up of vegans. It is a group of vegans, and those interested in learning about veganism, who have found in each other a group of "kindred spirits". We are free from the bounds of "prescribed" mainstream thinking and find fulfillment in examining a variety of issues.

Discussions on VEGAN Mailing List do not necessarily reflect the views of the list owner, who cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information that appears in any post.

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