A short history of VEGAN 2050

VEGAN Mailing List was founded on 17 June 1997. The founder of the list was Steve. Dr. Weseloh took the list over on 1 October 1997 and ran it until 13 January 2009. The list is very different from what it was when it was started. It is no longer just a mailing list.
It is now much more. It was not just making "VEGAN" all caps with each letter standing for something. To see what VEGAN stands for go to: http://www.VEGAN2050.org. There have been other changes. We now have VEGAN Resource Library, VEGAN Q & A, and of course we still have VEGAN Mailing List. We have a safe haven in our little part of the cyber world. On VML we are free to discuss almost anything without being chastised like sometimes happens outside this list.

The first post is included below. Steves' personal information is Xed as per his request. We believe that he is just against notoriety. Steve is a very fine man and still a subscriber to VEGAN Mailing List. Here is a copy of the first post:

Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 14:12:51 -0400
Reply-To: Steve XXXXXXXXXXX [by request]
From: Steve XXXXXXXXXXX [by request]
Subject: 1st Message Of New List

Welcome Everybody!

list owner, "Vegan" Mailing List

Steve XXXXXX " Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?" Groucho Marx

On 13 January 2009 Centro Vegetariano, a Portuguese organisation, took over the list. They are now the present owners of VEGAN. It is now VEGAN 2050.

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