Posting Guidelines

To post a message to the list

Send your email to the e-mail address of the list. You will know the e-mail address after subscribing.

The moderator reserves the right to remove any disruptive post or individual from the list.


Posting guidelines

Since VEGAN Mailing List is a privately run organization, posting messages is not a right. VEGAN is a semi-moderated list. The moderator reserves the right to stop any disruptive post from being posted to the list.

All messages submitted for posting should comply with the following criteria:

  1. When posting to the VEGAN Mailing List, please observe our guidelines for proper mailing list etiquette
  2. No foul language or flames please: They are unacceptable as we have children on the list. Some parents use computer programs to scan posts for certain words. When one of these words is read, the program stops all posts from the list. If you feel the need to use a word that might be objectionable to others, then just type something like "a**", so we are not excluding anyone.
  3. From the list's inception, we have always allowed off-topic discussions. VEGAN Mailing List was never strictly a vegan list; it has always been a general discussion list made up of vegans. We find fulfillment in examining a variety of issues. Posts not related to veganism MAY be stopped by the moderator.
  4. No postings bigoted toward ANY group of human beings are allowed. However, criticisms of people or groups bringing suffering to animals are acceptable.
  5. Commercial advertisements are not permitted unless you are promoting a vegan product or establishment that you have no commercial interest in. You may answer a question about a business that you do have an interest in.
  6. Concerns about the list should be sent to the list owner .
  7. The list will not allow political topics to be posted unless they directly relate to veganism. An example of an acceptable political post would be if a political party is advocating that we no longer allow animals to be held in small cages except for travel.

    This will prevent heated debates about politics. Political arguments generally keep escalating and with each escalation it keeps getting more uncivil. The list was created so vegans had a safe place to discuss different subjects in a civil manor without being attacked.

  8. If you are under 13, you must follow the anonymity instructions and not place any personal information in your post that will allow anyone to contact you. This is a USA Federal Law.
  9. When you click on "Reply" when answering someone's post, please delete the following information:

    • The information block with links at the bottom of every post
    • the headers including "from", "to" and other unnecessary info
    • All the content except for the specific section you are responding to
    This will save money for our friends living outside the USA and Canada, since many pay high Internet connection fees and per minute phone charges.
  10. Any meaningful addition to the discussions on the list is welcome but please do not post messages just saying things like "I agree".
  11. Please try to send your post in plain text and not HTML. Some do not know how to turn off HTML and others do not know how to accept HTML. Many subscribers will not be able to read what you send if you send it in HTML. Everyone can read plain text. If you choose to send in HTML just remember not everyone will see your message. The choice is yours.
  12. Please respect net etiquette by placing your answer at the top of a post when replying. If you are answering each paragraph of a message, then it is acceptable to add your remarks to the bottom of each paragraph. These two requests make your message much easier to read.
  13. Please keep the comments below your name to no more then five lines. No more then three lines is preferable.
  14. When posting copyrighted material, it is generally not acceptable to post more than 1,000 words, or ten percent of the total article, whichever is less. The best way is to introduce the article with a short paragraph or two, followed by a Web link to the complete text.

    Always consider any material on the Internet to be copyrighted unless specifically informed otherwise. Always credit the author. If you get the author's permission to copy his or her article, then state that permission in your post.

    The moderators can not be held responsible for copyright violations. Obeying copyright laws is entirely the responsibility of the poster but if the moderator feels you are violating them, then your post will be rejected.
  15. Action bulletins and other forwarded announcements are not allowed in full text form, as these messages tend to flood the list. These announcement posts WILL be allowed, if they are introduced with a short paragraph or two, followed by a weblink to the complete text.

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