Vegan Recipes

Becoming vegan is challenging in many ways, not least of which is learning how to prepare interesting and nutritious cruelty-free meals, particularly when one is on a low budget or is trying to feed a family or dinner guests. There is a wealth of vegan recipes available for all occasions, but the wide array of recipe books can be daunting. VEGAN is pleased to recommend Incredibly Delicious - The Vegan Paradigm Cookbook, which is reviewed here .

Numerous recipes may also be found online. Here are links to some sites that may be useful:

Veggies Unite! Vegan Recipes A wonderful resource of recipes organized by category.

Kate's Vegan Cookery Site Recipes grouped by category.

PETA: The Compassionate Cook Vegan recipes and menus for every day of the week. Simple, temptingly illustrated recipes, made using easily available ingredients.

VegSource The receipe page for

Vegan Occasions Vegan recipes for special occasions.

If you would like to share a recipe or suggest a link to a recipes page, please let us know

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