Veganism - and getting back to nature

It is widely believed that the first humanoids were mostly collectors who survived on a plant based diet. Then they evolved the art of hunting and started eating increasingly larger amounts of meat. While this is not a consensual theory, it is possibly undisputed that our ancestors lived much closer to nature than modern humans. And this should b true to possibly all civilizations in known human history. They respected the natural landscapes, the natural cycles of the sun and the moon, the water streams and cycles, and life in general.

  Modern humans, however, do it differently, aiming to tame nature to their will and power at every opportunity. So we have copious amounts of food from different parts of the world all year round, electricity to power lights all night long, airplanes that carry us across continents in hours and many other commodities of the modern technology.  And we have cities in flood areas, tropical crops in cold latitudes and many other challenges to mother nature.
  The modern world offers options that even our grandfathers could not even dream of. However, the question is:  are we living happier lives? We have instant meals, life-saving medicines, instant communication and many, many options of choice. But yet we may still miss inner peace, physical and mental health, joy in our lives.
Veganism was proposed by Donald Watson in 1941 as an improvement to vegetarianism. It aims to avoid animal suffering, to the extent that is possible and reasonable. So it is a call for us to respect animals. And starting from that point, only a little stretch of awareness is sufficient to extend that call to all forms of life and then nature itself.
  The vegan lifestyle should at least contribute to bring us back to our natural place in the wheel of life, enjoying the beauty and doing no unnecessary harm, to all beings, including plants and humans in the loop.
  The beginning of a new year is necessarily a turning point, a moment of reflection. May this moment be enlightening too, so that we may enjoy more of the wonders of the world and live a peaceful and joyful live in harmony with nature. In my view, that includes endless admiration and respect for all forms of life, but also creation, art and natural landscapes.
  May we in the new year and years ahead enjoy natural organic food. May we wonder and feel the power of nature in the nearest forest, garden, beach or other natural perks around us. May we gaze more at the stars at night, and hopefully at the sun and blue skies during the day. May we take some time to meditate on our own self in the great scheme of things, while breathing and enjoying the greatness of nature around us. That will not only make us feel more integrated in the great cosmos around, but also more empowered, reaching a greater degree of consciousness, which is only possible when we meditate about our place in the universe. May this new year be the year we meet with our own selves.

John Andri

Insert date: 2023-12-15 Last update: 2023-12-15

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