New year resolutions and the plight of animals

A new year has arrived, and with it our usual wishes and wishful thinking. Many people nurture high expectations when a new year arrives, and that is good as a motivational asset. However, that often boils down to nothing or even leads to disappointment when the new year reveals itself as more of the old stuff.

Nurture realistic expectations

In order to avoid disappointment, it is very important that our expectations and wishes are down to earth, realistic and achievable.  Setting up realistic expectation will certainly make the goals more achievable. Organizing the tasks, changes and milestones as a gradual path along the weeks can also contribute to your success. So grab that agenda and fill it in not just with wishes but actual milestones that you are sure to be realistic for you.


Live the present

While typically there is a natural optimism at the beginning of a new year, this year is perhaps one of the years where I see lower morale around me. Echoes and phantoms of wars, natural disasters, economic crisis, are all like simmering and boiling ready to blow up at any moment. But no, you were probably never out of harm's way as much as you may think, if you wonder and reflect on your past. It just happens that you are now more aware of it.  So live the present, do not drown in the ocean of data around you and the grimy waters of a future that may or may not show up in a certain colour. Live the present, enjoy each moment and take heed of the future in a mindful way.


Be a light - and do not forget animals

When we are overwhelmed by the events around is, it is very easy to forget those in real need. And this is true of all our neighbors, as it is also true of all animals around us. As an example, just realize how many headlines you saw about forest fires last year and how many of them even hinted the plight of wild animals. Do not let yourself paralysed just because there is a barrage of data ahead and around you.  Even if the times are dark, be yourself a light. Enlighten those around you, and that includes those who are furry, feathery, scaly or have all kinds of natural beauty to share.


Felipe Katz

Insert date: 2024-01-15 Last update: 2024-01-15

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