Animals see no borders

Some people do not understand why a person in one country would help animals in another country.  It is simple: Animals do not see borders. 
They can easily go from Spain to Portugal or vice versa and they have no idea that they crossed the border.  In the USA animals can go from Mexico into the USA and again they have no idea that they crossed the border.  Animals just see more land with maybe a fence or a river.

Of course they have their territories and will protect them most of the time.  They just want enough land to survive on.  They do not have the desire to accumulate wealth like humans do.  They want to enjoy their lives. 

If we say that we are vegan for ethical reasons then what difference does it make what country the people are living in that are helping the animals?  What difference does it make what country the animals exist in?

We sure can learn something from the animals about borders.  So many wars are fought over borders.  We would be far better off if we could see that borders are something that man has created.  There are so many things that we can learn from the animals.  We just need to observe and we will learn so much.

If we save an animal in another country we still have saved the life of an animal.  What difference does it make if the animal lives in the USA, Portugal, or any other country?  I, for one, will continue helping animals no matter where they live.

David A. Weseloh, Ph.D.
Midland, Texas, USA

Insert date: 2010-03-17 Last update: 2010-03-17

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