Are you ready for a vegan world?

In 2000 I predicted that we would have a predominately vegan world by 2050.  Who would have guessed that in 15 years we would have made as much progress as we have.  Back then almost every vegan felt that we would never have a vegan world.  Those that did agree that we would have a vegan world felt that it would take centuries to get there.  With the progress that we made in 15 years and at an ever increasing rate, just think what the next 35 years will bring.

In business there is a theory called the "S" curve.  At the bottom of the S curve, change occurs very slowly.  As change start to occur (the foot of the curve), it starts to accelerate.  It keeps accelerating until it starts to slow down (the knee of the curve). That is when almost everyone accepts the change.  From that point the rate of change slows down since almost everyone has accepted the change.  I believe that we have finally reached the foot of the curve. Now, just watch us grow.

One day eating the flesh of animals will be looked upon the way cannibalism is look upon today.  I can not think of eating a human and I can not think of eating a fellow living being, also known as animals.

I also advocate not trying to get people to become vegan.  In the past I tried hard to get everyone to become a vegan and I only managed to get maybe 20 people (a pure guess) to make the change. Then I discovered something.  Getting people to cut their consumption of flesh, dairy, and eggs by at least 50% will save the lives of animals.  I have already convinced over 100 people to make the cut back and in far less time than my old system did.  My old method caused people to stay away from me.  Think of this: If I got 10 people to become vegan in the 18 years that I have been vegan and 100 cut back in the last five years then there would be a ten to one ratio.  That means it is equal to five new vegans for every one on my old method.  It also is in about one fourth of the time.  I use medical science instead of me just saying that people should become vegan.  More and more medical doctors are doing what I am doing.  It is working.  Flesh, dairy, and eggs are harming our health.  If your friends cut back on these three, they decrease their intake of antibiotics, female hormones, pus, and filth.  As vegans we know that we are also decreasing methane gas and of course, animal suffering.  Use this method and you will keep your friends and at the same time you will help the animals. Of course if people ask you about your veganism then tell them without preaching.

If you are only telling your friends the compassionate reasons to become vegan, you probably will not get them to become vegan.  If that was the only reason to become vegan, I probably would agree that we would not have a predominately vegan world by 2050.  I am not forgetting the health reasons and the environmental reasons.  I believe that it is the health reason that will be the number one reason for people to become vegan.  Following that will be the environmental reason to become vegan.  It will lower methane gas and it will save water and much more.  Vegan flesh will probably become the number one reason for people to become a new kind of vegan.

Vegan flesh is not a dream but rather it is a reality that is just starting to become viable.  Right now we have vegan hamburger.  It is mainly cost and improvement in the technology before it becomes common place.  Just look at any new technology and you will see that prices go down as more and more products are produced.  That is called "economies of scale".  Vegan flesh is such a thing.  It will happen and way before 2050.  They will have their flesh and still save animal lives.  Not every vegan will then eat this vegan flesh. I know that I will not if I am alive by then.  We will have a vegan world by 2050.

David Weseloh, PhD

Insert date: 2014-11-26 Last update: 2014-11-26

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