What Do You Feed Your Companion Animal?

Most animal lovers give the best food that they can find for their companion animals.  That is understandable because of the love that they share with their companions.  They do not think about the number of animal lives that it takes to feed the pets for their entire life, if fed animal-based food.  As far as the best food that we can find, here is something that most people do not know.  Did you know that cheap so called pet food is really bad?  Commercial dog and cat food is usually made with the wasted animal parts cut from animals that were sold for human consumption.  That food is often poorly balanced with too much fat and not enough vitamins and other important nutrients.

Vegan pet food is very different.  First, no animal is killed to create the food.  Second, it is often made with selected ingredients and not wasted animal parts.

Humans only need twelve essential amino acids.  We can get by with eight since four can be synthesized from the other eight.  In the case of cats they are carnivorous and they can not synthesize the other four of the twelve.  They also need taurine, which is not found in vegetable sources. A good cat food will have all the amino acids and synthetic taurine.

Dogs can be fed a plant-based diet. They can eat a human plant-based diet and they can survive well.  To insure a very healthy diet for them, a varied and well balanced diet is necessary and that can be achieved with a selection of nutritious vegetables.

Another important point is that pets are often fed the same boring food every day for their entire life.  That can be very boring and increases chances of missing important nutrients.  Variety is very important for humans and even for our animal friends.  This will ensure they enjoy their meals and live a healthy life.

There is an animal holocaust going on.  Animals can not earn money to help themselves nor can they speak for themselves.  It is up to us to speak for them.  How are we going to stop the animal holocaust if humans will not help them?  It is up to us to do something.  Your pets can have healthier meals and you will not contribute to the death of other animals to feed them.  Learn about pet nutrition to find out which foods are healthy for them.  Then feed them a varied and appropriate diet by either choosing commercial vegan food or cooking for your pet.  That will greatly improve the quality of life for your friend while saving the lives of other animals.

David Weseloh, PhD

Insert date: 2015-09-05 Last update: 2015-09-05

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