Wherever We Are, C'est La Vie

Have you ever had a plan to spend a few days of your life in different places on the planet? You could stay in, for example, Brazil, Honduras, Somalia, Palestine, France, Slovenia, Ukraine, Canada, Seoul, Bhutan, New Zealand, and Tasmania. You might have a look at other possible sides of your life there. You could just be deeply amazed that your Heart could be anywhere. You could be overwhelmingly surprised that love could be heard, seen and felt effortlessly the same in all these different places. You might come to complete silence finding yourself no longer British or Russian or German or Indian or Indonesian or American or Chinese or Japanese, or Hindu or Buddhist or Christian. Regardless of their racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, these Earth's residents could share exactly the same feelings, hopes, dreams and virtues. And one thing you could be witnessing might be that Mother Nature would prove to have never drawn any territorial boundaries across the planet.

Now, having been in a number of different places, have you ever had a plan to contribute to making the world a better place to live? Have you ever thought of taking the initiative to work out a new world economy and education systems that are 'genuinely back to the Heart'? Have you ever dreamed a dream of people around the globe having enough to eat and to love? Have you ever wanted to see people freeing themselves from the colonialism of their own mindset that has subconsciously shattered and ruled their entire life?

Have you ever dreamed of a world where all kinds of life come to live together in love and harmony with one another? Have you ever wanted to see people around you forgiving and smiling more than ever? Well, have you ever thought there could be the time the human world becomes truly compassionate, peaceful and prosperous – perhaps, like other countless trillion planets in the universe? Have you ever encountered such a planet?

Take sometime visiting Planet Venus or Planet Jupiter, or Superman's Planet Krypton, or whatever planet you like. Very probably, your awesome friends there would not be human species like you. Very probably, you would not even find oxygen and water there because, with Her boundless might and versatility, which is beyond our human understanding, Mother Universe could just very easily create a system of living entirely different from but superior to ours.

Very probably, you would not find even a single house in there. Firstly, it could be because the beings there are naturally born 'super-compatible' with the natural environment there. Secondly, the nature there could be an incomparably comfortable and perfect home to them. There could be no sweet homes other than the planet itself. Thirdly, the social life there might be based on honesty, respect, courtesy and harmony in such a way that privacy and self-protection might not be recognised at all there.

Very probably still, in such a planet you would not find any single shopping mall, restaurant, bank, office building and any other economic systems. Firstly, it might be because the beings there could live free of charge on some kinds of super elements unknown to us. Secondly, they might need no food, fashion and entertainment industries at all. To them, these things could be absolutely impractical and inefficient. They might find it very ridiculous why men create such impracticality and high-cost economy. Thirdly, despite the fact that they might not have wings, they could fly as far as they want.

In the moment men are obsessed with the teachings by the superior souls sent to them as spokespersons of the Truth, and in the moment men disseminate the absolute belief for mankind to embrace the then-called religion, in other planets you might instead find all the beings there living compassionately, peacefully and prosperously without a single religion. Very probably, these friends of ours would be asking us the most desperately ever in the history of their planet: Why on Earth human species embrace a religion like embracing their own life, and fight amongst themselves over it?

Well, 2012 is nearing its end. Another year is coming in. How many more years will be left for us to live? How much broader and deeper has our vision of life developed towards others and ourselves? Is there any spiritual enlightenment and freedom we have attained in the ups and downs of others and our own so far? Have we heard, seen and felt our heart actually vibrating on every nation, every ethnic group, every culture, every religion, and every other phenomenon, asking us for our love and understanding?

Wherever we are, c'est la vie...

Planet Earth, 15 December 2012
Wishing you a good year,

Jowly Yohanesh
Earthling (from Indonesia)

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