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Happy New Year!

The year 2018 has arrived. Now is a good time to look back at the year 2017. That was the year that the second major study on eating habits of the Portuguese showed that the number of vegetarians quadrupled in Portugal in just the last 10 years

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Social media and Mailing Lists

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media are public.  Something that you write on them will be public, or remain accessible for at least some people, forever.  On the other hand a mailing list such as the Vegan Mailing List is not public.  VEGAN Mailing List is private and does not allow hateful language.  It is a safe haven for all vegans and those interested in veganism.

You are invited to join this large virtual family. Join VML and participate in, or just observe, some interesting discussions.

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Invitation to join VML

The majority of society says, and believes, that they love called "pets".Ethical vegans say, and believe, that they love animals...all animals. Society believes that some animals are pets and other are dinner. They think that ethical vegan are weird for loving cows, pigs, chickens, and other so called food "animals". Yet, those “food” animals are equally sentient, equally intelligent, equally unique, when compared to pets. All animals that have a well developed nervous system will feel pain. Possibly all “food” animals feel pain, fear, as well as compassion, love and friendship. Nonetheless, many people are just not aware of that.

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Wherever We Are, C'est La Vie

Have you ever had a plan to spend a few days of your life in different places on the planet? You could stay in, for example, Brazil, Honduras, Somalia, Palestine, France, Slovenia, Ukraine, Canada, Seoul, Bhutan, New Zealand, and Tasmania. You might have a look at other possible sides of your life there. You could just be deeply amazed that your Heart could be anywhere. You could be overwhelmingly surprised that love could be heard, seen and felt effortlessly the same in all these different places. You might come to complete silence finding yourself no longer British or Russian or German or Indian or Indonesian or American or Chinese or Japanese, or Hindu or Buddhist or Christian. Regardless of their racial, cultural and religious backgrounds, these Earth's residents could share exactly the same feelings, hopes, dreams and virtues. And one thing you could be witnessing might be that Mother Nature would prove to have never drawn any territorial boundaries across the planet.

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VEGAN recipe board, with Chef Deb

VEGAN 2050 has a new recipe board, with Chef Deb. Feel free to post your recipes too, ask questions about cooking, share your tips and enjoy the forum. You are welcome.

Visit the recipe board here.

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500 euros check. 500 euros check.

Academic merit contest 2010

In 2010, Centro Vegetariano promoted an academic merit contest, with the goal of promoting academic work and research on the vegan and vegetarian diets. The prize was a check of 500 euros for the best paper.

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