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The majority of society says, and believes, that they love called "pets".Ethical vegans say, and believe, that they love animals...all animals. Society believes that some animals are pets and other are dinner. They think that ethical vegan are weird for loving cows, pigs, chickens, and other so called food "animals". Yet, those “food” animals are equally sentient, equally intelligent, equally unique, when compared to pets. All animals that have a well developed nervous system will feel pain. Possibly all “food” animals feel pain, fear, as well as compassion, love and friendship. Nonetheless, many people are just not aware of that.

Ethical vegans often have a hard time being understood by others. Possibly all ethical vegans have been subject to jokes at the restaurant, workplace, school or sometimes even family dinner. That's why VEGAN Mailing List was created. It is just right for you, if you are looking for a safe haven to ask your questions, as well as share your experiences and knowledge. The list is not justfor vegans. It is also for anyone interested in learning more about veganism, or just chat with other vegans about different topics.Although veganism is a large part of what, and who we are, we also spend a large amount of time talking about non-related topics.

You are invited to join this large virtual family. Join VML and participate in, or just observe, some interesting discussions.

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